PTSD Episode 182, Season 34

I think the hardest part of having PTSD is telling other people. Many people have misconceptions about what it is, what it looks like, or who it affects. PTSD is not reserved for combat veterans. In my case, it’s from multiple and prolonged instances of sexual assault and abuse. Being open and honest about it… Read more “PTSD Episode 182, Season 34”

Lioness or Prey? Part 1

I had every intention of writing this on my trip back from LA, but after missed flights, 8 hour layovers, and a hospital stay, I didn’t get the chance. I’m also trying to figure out how to write this story without oversharing. I’m going to tell it anyway, because I want to, and I need… Read more “Lioness or Prey? Part 1”

Back to LA

I was checking the website to see when I last posted, and I realize I lost my vision for the purpose of this blog. I think it’s important on my journey to document not only the lows, but also the highs. I want to look back someday and feel that I was truly authentic, and… Read more “Back to LA”

Out of the Fog

I realized over the past two weeks that it’s hard to find inspiration to write about mental illness when things are going well. But then I realized, it’s equally important to celebrate your successes. Since receiving a diagnosis of PTSD 4 years ago in Los Angeles, I started a journey of self-healing. I hit rock… Read more “Out of the Fog”

You Are Not Broken

Sometimes I have these random, pivotal light bulb moments that propel me into a different mindset. Yesterday, of all things, I happened to be watching a crime show, as usual, and Dr. Phil came on. For some reason, I didn’t change it. The woman was grieving the loss of one of her children and her… Read more “You Are Not Broken”


The title of this particular blog should give you some metaphorical insight about the stability of my mental health AND what kept my mind preoccupied this week. I meant to post yesterday, but depression sucked all the creative life out of me. It’s ironic because I started minor investments early last year, originally in a… Read more “DOGECOIN”


How many instances of trauma do you think someone has to experience to be really, really fucked up? One? Three? My magic number was an entire childhood of neglect, four instances of sexual assault (henceforth referred to as SA, to avoid triggering anyone) before the age of sixteen and another four as an adult, then… Read more “Unpacking”

Under Construction

You know how they say a house has “good bones?” This one didn’t. This house didn’t even have a foundation. No parental figures, no family to guide me in the right direction. Imagine the horrors that can happen to a vulnerable girl left to her own devices. So now, at the age of 34, I’m… Read more “Under Construction”

Taking Off the Mask

I know that people judge me when they look at me. Makeup and hair done, designer clothes. High maintenance. Gold digger. Conceited. The funny thing, however, is that appearances are just that–the way we wish to appear. Have you ever visited a friend’s house and it was immaculate on the outside, but inside it was… Read more “Taking Off the Mask”

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